Workout In Thermal Underwear

Workout In Thermals - Is It Good Or Bad?

Workout In Thermals - Is It Good Or Bad?

The question of proper workout gear can be quite a pickle. It’s important to note that although most outfits designed for workouts are tight not all are thermal. Thermals not only allow you to maintain your blood flow in an intense workout but also absorb and regulate your temperature at an impressive plateau. The only way to weigh the pros and cons of an item like thermal wear is to first and foremost explore its function and how well it achieves it. Bodtek offers a wide range of thermals that harmoniously elevate you to put your focus on your HIIT workout.

Regular Workout Clothes vs Thermals
Often, your regular workout clothes will entail racer backs, sports bras, sweatshirts, and jackets. Most of these clothes may not provide you with warmth, especially when working out in winter. You may end up wearing bulky clothing like sports jackets, which can restrict your movement. Thermals can make a great choice because they allow you to remain warm without that bulkiness of clothing. In your thermal leggings or tops, you are sure that you will hit the road or the gym in comfort and won’t have to worry about the cold weather. And if you have to put on additional layers, the thermals make an ultra light base layer, meaning that you will still not feel the bulkiness even when you are on additional clothing in extremely cold weather.

Workout Thermals based on Weather
Bodtek’s thermal long johns and thermal shirts available for both men and women are ideal for cold weather. In cold weather, the thermals absorb heat generated during your workout or run and distribute it equally to avert feeling flustered.  

Keeps You Dry
Bodtek offers a unique choice of material, which is a one-of-a-kind blend of spandex and polyester. Being in thermals allows you to have that athletic fit without having to worry about those damp, smelly T-shirts. The fabric wicks away moisture to keep your skin dry.  

Regulates Blood Flow
In terms of boosting your homeostasis, thermals are the perfect fit when participating in long-distance marathons where runners are known to faint because of low blood pressure as your heart competes with gravity. Fitting thermals compresses your body adequately and regulates your body temperature, which prevents the need for vasodilation, all together. They are also ideal because they promote post-workout recovery.

Prevents body Friction or Bruising
For any workout enthusiast, whether a cyclist, or a motorcycle rider, chafing of the thighs is a problem we personally wouldn’t wish to experience. This is why Bodtek’s long Johns are simply the perfect fit or inner garments to add to our workout gear. Unfortunately, the only con we would list for using thermals as our workout gear is not using them at all. Many of the typical workout clothes will irritate the skin. The friction can cause bruising, and this is the last thing you want to experience when working out. You can prevent bruising and chafing by wearing thermals when working out.

Essentially, thermals are good for a workout, especially during cold weather. In summer, you can wear your regular workout clothes, but as the winter and cold months set in, switch to Bodtek thermals.