Women’s Guide to Buying Thermals

Women’s Guide to Buying Thermals

Women’s Guide to Buying Thermals

When cold weather hits, dressing warmly for this type of weather will keep you warm, dry, and protected against the frigid elements. One of the most critical pieces is the base layer of thermal underwear for women. This layer is in contact with your skin and should be lightweight to allow sweat to evaporate quickly which increases comfort level. These base layers are form-fitting for the feminine physique and allows heat retention, moisture-wicking, and prevent chafing.

From the Top

The top is the first piece of a thermal set. The most popular option is the long sleeve option and allows for maximum warmth to wick moisture away from your wrists to your core. Many come in a pullover, turtlenecks, crew neck, and even half-zip pieces. Women’s thermal underwear tops can be worn as a base layer or alone.

At the Bottom

Another essential layer and sometimes overlook is the thermal bottoms. Thermal pants come in different cuts like low-rider, high-cut and allow for a warmer and more comfortable experience outdoors during the chilly days. These base layers are great for lounging and even for active women.


Base layers not only come in different cuts and size but the weight of fabrics as well. They range from light to heavy, and you can choose which type of women’s thermal underwear to use for any of the weather conditions that you face.

  1. Lightweight: This base layer will provide the right amount of moisture-wicking needed but may not keep you as warm as you like. These are very thing and are an excellent choice for warmer weather conditions or more intense athletic needs.

  2. Midweight: The middle ground of base layers provides extra warmth and moisture-wicking capabilities. They will keep you comfortable and dry but will also trap more body heat for those colder days.

  3. Heavyweight: This base layer is the warmest of all the three weights. These are usually made of fleece materials and should only be worn on the coldest of days where you won’t be very active for long periods.

Moisture-wicking and Anti-microbial

As this base layer is closest to your skin, it also has the most contact with sweat. Thermal underwear for women can wick away moisture from your body keeping you dry and warm. Because of this ability, many thermals also are treated with anti-microbial treatments to resist odor like mildews and molds.

Synthetic or Wool Fabric

Wool is a fabric that wicks moisture away naturally and is odor-free. It lasts longer but tends to be more expensive but it well worth the extra money. Synthetics are the best choice for women’s thermal underwear as they provide great moisture-wicking, softness, and thermal properties to keep you warm.

Buying thermals can be dependent on what you need and your activity level. While the price may come into play, overall warmth, comfort, and even style usually override many people’s frugal sensibilities. No matter the temperature outside or inside, there is a thermal for all occasions that’ll keep you warm and sweat-free.