Winter Fashion Tips For Women's

Winter Fashion Tips For Women's

Winter Fashion Tips For Women's

One of the challenging seasons for women fashion in winter. Women want to look flattering while also being able to fight the cold weather, and the decision on what to wear can be difficult. However, women’s fashion for winter doesn’t have to be complicated and uncomfortable. When it comes to winter outfits for women, it’s all about comfort, coziness, and warmth. As the winter sets in, it’s time for ladies to pull the coats, vests, jackets, long sleeve shirts, and of course the thermal tops and bottoms.

Start with the dressing basic – thermals
Thermals are must-have clothing for winter, especially for women who want to look fashionable, stylish, and remain warm. It may sound obvious; however, if you choose to wear a thin thermal baselayer underneath your outfit, it allows you to get away with putting on what you love to wear without worrying about the cold.

Thermal underwear is lightweight and ultra-soft. It is gentle on your skin and when you layer it up, you will neither be embarrassed nor feel bulky. You can wear your best quality thermal underwear under everything you wish when the temperature dips. It retains heat and keeps you dry because it wicks moisture away.  

Also, thermal wear like Bodtek long johns pants for women fit snugly and ensure mobility. Whatever activities you want to engage in whether taking up yoga or walking on the streets or even going camping, you can be sure you will look great and keep warm. Your movement isn’t restricted and you don’t have to worry about irritating fabrics.

Layering for winter style
A perfect way to get warm while being able to put together a chic look is to have purposeful layering. It allows you to try out a mixture of textures and patterns while also being functional enough to beat the varying temperatures you experience on a winter day. When choosing your layering clothes go with thermals for a baselayer and choose scarves as they tend to pull your looks together. You can have various lengths of your thermals to help flatter your body shape and layer them with different types of clothes from minis to long dresses to maxi and skater dresses.

The key is to have thinner pieces that can offer maximum warmth. You can, for instance, have your Bodtek crew neck shirt on top of your long-sleeved shorts that you layer up with a sweater and a beautiful blue coat for those extremely cold days.

Go over the knee
Many women tend to shy away from wearing over the knee boots, especially ladies over 40. However, this is a perfect strategy if you get those six-inch patent leather pairs. They may remain at the back of your closet for most of the time, but when it comes to winter months, you want to pull them out. When choosing your boosts, go for the low-heeled ones or flat boots. Consider shades and materials that you feel comfortable wearing and you can match them with other clothes.

You can get trendy and chic-looking by wearing a pair of boots with a matching Bedtek thermal pant for example, black-on-black. Also, you can pair a skinner shaft boot that covers more legs to allow you to dress more weather-appropriate.

These winter fashion tips will keep you looking sexy while keeping you warm throughout the day. Bodtek’s thermals will make a good addition to your winter clothing whether you opt for thermal long johns leggings or thermal tops and crew necks.