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Why Do the Elderly Get So Cold?

Why Do the Elderly Get So Cold?

Growing old is something familiar as years pass by in your life. You may realize it from the changes that your body undergoes during this process. Bodies age differently, and in some cases, they are deteriorating because of diseases, or others occur naturally. Studies conducted show that the elderly feel so cold. It may be caused by having low temperatures in the body because the body cannot maintain its core temperature. In some older people, the fat layer under the skin becomes thin and cannot conserve heat: this can be a medical condition. Also, as the elderly continue growing, their blood circulation decreases because the vessels lose their elasticity making the blood move slower, producing less heat.

The elderly people don’t have to wear heavy or many clothes to keep warm. There are thermal wears that can give the heat needed to keep the elderly in good health.  
Tips to help elderly adults stay warm

1.    Thermal wear
Wearing thermal clothes is the best way to keep warm. It ensures that your body maintains heat. The thermal clothes made from polyester make a good option because you as an elderly person, won’t feel heavily loaded in clothing. You will remain toasty at home or when outdoors. The material is very light allowing body flexibility and the ability to move around with ease.

The thermals feature a technology that helps you remain dry from sweat. A poly-spandex fabric draws away sweat, keeping the skin dry. When it’s extremely wintery, you can add more clothes over the thermals without feeling bulky. Coupled with a hat, a beanie, or a scarf and hand gloves, thermals give the perfect set of clothing to beat cold weather.

2.    Dress in layers
It is always appropriate to dress in warm clothes from the lightest to the heaviest when you feel cold. Depending on how cold it is, you can add an extra layer of clothes to the thermals. If you sweat or feel too hot, you can remove the outer layer of clothing and remain with the rest to still keep warm. Ensure that you protect the ears and hands with the right pieces of cloth or gloves. This ensures that these parts do not get cold and there is no reduced blood flow in the body. You can have winter socks and boots as they protect the feet from getting cold at any point of the day.

3.    Ensure you are hydrated
Water is essential to the body. It helps to regulate the body temperature. It also helps in the functioning of the body. When it is cold, the body may lose water from sweating. Always ensure older adults drink enough water and other fluids to ensure they are always hydrated. Also ensure the elderly eat healthy food.

Eating fruits also helps because they have water that helps hydrate the body while boosting immunity. Also, take them on walks and let them be active at all times to ensure their body functions properly.

Your elderly needs a gift and a thermal set can make the difference. Buy them  Bodtek thermals to help them stay toasty. Take care of their needs including their diet.