Why are Thermals the best for Snow?

Why are Thermals the best for Snow?

Why are Thermals the best for Snow?

As winter comes around, you want to take out your warm wardrobe and brace up for the onslaught of chilly weather. Thermal wear offers you one of the ideal ways to remain toasty in those frigid temperatures. If you will be going outdoors in snowy weather, you want to ensure that your body will keep warm. Thermal wear insulates your body and retains heat while preventing the all-too-familiar numb feeling you are likely to get in the snow.  

Good thermal clothing should be made of a special fabric that can retain the heat of your body. It should be designed to fit seamlessly and comfortably under your regular clothes. You can even wear your thermals without adding another layer of clothing.

So, what makes thermals the best choice for a snowy day?

Thermals are made from fabrics that draw moisture to the exterior allowing it to evaporate easily. Often, when you wear clothing that traps moisture, you find that sweat soaks into the fabric keeping it wet. This can make you uncomfortable and may not allow the body to properly regulate its temperature.

A moisture-wicking fabric does two jobs – it quickly wicks or moves sweat to the outer surface of the fabric and secondly, it allows sweat to dry out rapidly so that it doesn’t saturate the fabric. This way, it makes you comfortable and your body is able to efficiently regulate temperatures. The fabric touching the skin offers a dry, non-sticky feel.

Trap body heat
Thermal clothes provide some insulation. Made from two-ply fabrics, thermal garments tend to trap more body heat when compared to single-layer clothing. In extremely cold weather, you want to keep the body pretty warm and thermals do the magic. The extra body heat trapped by the thermal garment insulates against cold air thus preventing heat loss.

Again, thermals help fight what is referred to as evaporative cooling. Have you tried blowing across your hand’s back and you link it and then blow it again? You will find that the wet feels cooler. The reason is that as the saliva or moisture evaporates, it will draw away energy from the skin, which is in the form of heat.

As thermals draw or wick sweat away from an individual’s skin, this process helps minimize evaporative cooling keeping the body warm.

Allow a range of motion
Thermal clothes are popular for individuals who spend time working or playing in cold weather. The garments are made using a flexible material that allows freedom of movement or a range of motion. You won’t have to wear heavy clothing because it could restrict movement. In your thermal underwear or garments, you are good to go. You can enjoy your sporting activity whilst you remain warm in snowy weather.

A thermal garment made of a blend of polyester and spandex – both of which are compressive and flexible – it ensures that you can move your body parts easily. A wide range of motion means that you can do your winter sports activities comfortably.

If you’re looking for good thermal clothing for winter, you want to buy one made of polyester fabric or a blend of polyester and other material like spandex. Bodtek brings you innovatively designed thermals for snowy environments. Bodtek’s thermals are made of polyester and spandex to keep you warm while ensuring a good range of motion and comfortability. The garments are designed using 4-way stretch technology to ensure they fit tightly while being comfortable and flexible to allow movement.