What To Wear On A Northern Lights Tour

What To Wear On A Northern Lights Tour

What To Wear On A Northern Lights Tour

Going for a Nothern Lights holiday means packing for all weathers. The climate in Iceland and other countries in the arctic is highly interchangeable. In one day, you are likely to experience all four seasons, therefore, you need to wear layers. You can layer up and layer down as it deems necessary depending on the change in weather. A Northern Lights tour, which entails visiting a glacier or volcano high up will likely make you feel colder because of the wind chill. Here are tips to help you stay warm during your Northern Lights tour.

Get yourself Thermal wear
The first thing you do not want to forget in your packing list is a set of thermal clothing. It is going to be pretty cold out there during your trip and wearing thermal underwear does the trick in protecting you from the cold. Bodtek thermals are able to retain heat, wick away moisture, stay dry, and are flexible. Their stretchability allows you to be flexible and you can move around easily without restrictions in body movement.

Clothes for Layering up
Besides wearing thermals, you should also have other clothing that you layer up. You can wear jeans and a hoodie on top of the thermal wear. You can also have woolen sweaters and jackets to help enhance body heat. Being in thermal wear will reduce the bulkiness of the clothes you wear. Since thermal wear is designed of a mix of fabric such as spandex and polyester, it is pretty lightweight and contours to the body, making it feel like another layer of skin. Even if you add more clothes, you won’t feel as bulky as you would without thermal wear.

Winter Boots
When you are cold, you need to warm your feet. Wearing winter boots a size up allows you to warm the feet. If the boots or shoes are very small, they will lose the insulation effect. It is likely you will absorb the cold within the ground rather than staying insulated against that cold. Going a size up with the boots makes it comfortable and safe to fit a pair of thicker wool socks. You will have enough room to wiggle your toes. Ensure you avoid wearing rubber boots and go for snow boots that have waterproof qualities and fleece-covered footbeds.  

Winter Socks and Neck Gaiters
When it comes to keeping warm in the arctic you should have pairs of woolen socks. Thick wool socks are durable, comfortable, and provide the warmth you need. You want to protect your neck from the cold, so a neck gaiter comes in handy when on a Northern Lights tour. The blood vessels on your neck are close to the skin just as they are on your ankles and wrist. In these areas, you lose a lot of heat. It is best you cover these areas.

Don’t forget an Insulated Jacket
A down parka makes a great choice for your jacket if you want to stay warm. It has excellent insulation qualities, allowing you to remain toasty when outdoors gazing at the sky. A winter parka makes sure that you don’t get cold.

Prep for your Northern Lights tour by getting these items. For your thermal wear, get them from Bodtek. Bodtek thermals are constructed with synthetic fabric blend to ensure optimal heat retention, 4-way stretchability, comfort, easy drying, and ultra-lightweight.