What to Wear in Your Winter Adventure Tour in Alaska

What to Wear in Your Winter Adventure Tour in Alaska

What to Wear in Your Winter Adventure Tour in Alaska

If you are traveling to Alaska, you will have to think about the clothing to wear. Alaskans may have a proverb that there is no such thing as cold weather, only cold clothing, however, don’t be fooled by this saying as it can be pretty cold there. The Last Frontier, as it is also called, has extreme weather and you will hear many people saying layer, layer, and layer up. In Alaska, early mornings can get very cold and winter comes in snowstorms. Whichever the case you are touring Alaska, prepare for the worst even when it’s during summer because chances are that you will encounter cold temperatures.

So what should you pack for your winter adventure tour in The Last Frontier?

Get a pair of a parka
You want to have a large windproof jacket that features a hood to help you warm up and keep toasty. A parka will give you extra protection if the temperatures are extreme. And you know, Alaska temperatures tend to range into the extremes – you have both cold and hot. During winter, depending on where you visit, you may expect different weather conditions.

Also, oceans may impact the climate in Alaska which in turn affects the weather. In the interior like Fairbanks, it will be colder and along the coast including Sitka, Juneau, and Anchorage, it’s less frigid.  You may catch a winter heatwave that sees the temperatures a little friendlier, but you could also encounter legendary chills. So, you want to ensure that you pack your pair of lightweight parkas for extreme cold.

Hiking boots
Wearing a strong pair of hiking boots allows you to remain comfortable and keep dry on your feet. You will be able to go directly to a fireside lodge restaurant from winter hike without needing to wear other shoes. You want to choose boots that are water-resistant and feature an insulating material at the upper site.

Moisture-wicking socks
Warmth is what you want while in Alaska, so you want to ensure that you get socks that can wick away moisture. And you know that for hiking enthusiasts, they say that cotton is rotten. Avoid packing cotton socks as they readily absorb moisture as well as sweat and will chill you out – and not in a good way. Having a wet feel will make you susceptible to experiencing hypothermia. You may want to try out synthetics such as polyester or blends. Maybe wool may work.

Don’t forget mittens and gloves
You want both as they will complement each other. While your sleek leather gloves are going to be great and probably will be fine for those not-so-cold days, if the temperatures dip, you will feel it. The fingers and hands will become frozen. This is where a pair of heavyweight protective mittens come in handy.

Long underwear
You will of course have to layer up because not one layer of clothing may be enough. Even when you have the shell jackets, they may not do the trick. You want to consider having long underwear. They will provide a base layer next to the skin. The kind of thermal underwear you choose can make the difference between being comfortable and being miserable.

You may want to go with long underwear made of a premium combo of spandex and polyester. This blend of fabric will not only ensure you are toasty but it's also comfortable and fits evenly and snugly. It is gentle and ultrasoft on your skin. The material is also highly flexible without deforming. It will stretch in various directions and won’t warp.

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