What to Wear for Cold Weather Running

What to Wear for Cold Weather Running

What to Wear for Cold Weather Running

Cold weather comes with many challenges – you are likely to experience extreme shivering or cold. You want to make sure that during the cold days, you shield your body against extreme cold. Look for thermal clothing that can help prevent cold when running. The thermals will retain heat, allow breathing of the fabric, and ensure softness and gentleness on the skin. The thermals will help reduce odor as they are made of breathable fabric. They will also ensure freedom of movement so you can make the steps, sprints, gym moves, or even yoga moves you desire without restricting movement or even blood flow.

What happens when running in cold weather?
If you will be running or jogging, you may think that your body will release enough heat to keep it warm, but that may not be the case. The body will sweat when you are active to release heat so that you don’t overheat when working out. And you know that water tends to be a good conductor of heat. It can transfer heat from one area to another. The problem with working out or running in the cold or windy weather is that it can easily cause the core body temps to nose-dive fast, probably even to dangerous levels. You may even risk having hypothermia, which is a serious condition in cold weather.

How thermal garments help battle cold weather when running
Thermal wear for running will help to absorb the body sweat and wick it out from the skin even before that moisture causes the body temperature to drop. The thermal wear will insulate the body and stop the heat from being lost via sweat. Wearing a thermal bottom or top will keep the cold away from your body so that you remain toasty as you go about your workout or running activities.

Thermals ensure comfort
If you’re going to work out, run, or jog around the neighborhood, you want to be in clothes that are comfortable. Often, we make the mistake of putting on multiple layers of heavy clothing during the cold even when running. The problem with these clothes is that they aren’t designed to ensure the comfort, gentleness, or softness you need for your skin.

When the body is sweating, it increases the chances of having friction between the garment you are wearing and the skin. This can, in turn, contribute to bruises or rashes and skin burns. Thermal sets for men and women feature ultra-soft fabric like a blend of spandex and polyester. Polyester is a soft material and it is touted as comfortable and gentle on the skin.

Thermals allow circulation and recovery of muscles
A material comprising a blend of polyester and fabric like spandex offers a cozy fit without necessarily being too tight to allow circulation. Your body will have smooth circulation when in thermals made of polyester. After your running workout session, your body will be able to recover quickly before you hit the road again.

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