Best Clothing For Cold-Weather Padding

What’s The Best Clothing For Cold-Weather Padding?

What’s The Best Clothing For Cold-Weather Padding?

The Bodtek brand of thermal underclothes provides one of the best options out there for padding your other clothes. Designed with soft, light-weight materials, our thermals make sure your skin is not chafed by any harder material you may have on top to keep you warm. For example, when you wear a nylon waterproof overcoat, you need some padding underneath that is going to keep your skin safe.  Next time you go outdoors, check that you wear thermals next to your skin to provide protection from the harsher materials you add on top.

The science in your clothes
Clothing is designed to fulfill different functions depending on the time of day or season it’s used. The clothes we wear can make the difference between a fun outdoor experience and a frigid nightmare. When it’s cold, you need to wear clothes that enable you to stay warm and stave off the wind. With the appropriate clothing, you will enhance your body’s ability to keep you warm.

Padding with layers
Before you buy a bulky overcoat, get yourself other underclothes that make you benefit more from the overcoat when worn under. This is effective padding of your choice of jacket or overcoat. In other words, layering with the right material is appropriate padding. When you layer, however, you need at least three layers to keep the cold of winter away from your flesh.

How should you layer?
Put on a base layer of clothing made of polyester or other materials that wick moisture away from your skin. Bodtek thermals, for example, are made of polyester and spandex material. When you wear these thermal undergarments, any sweat you produce is removed from your skin and evaporated. Since the design’s meant to fit you snugly, the spandex allows for a stretch which means you can still move without restriction.

Add a middle layer of sweatshirts or sweaters that are also snug but not tight. This gives you additional insulation for your body to keep its heat within. Using cotton materials for either the base or middle layer is a bad idea because cotton soaks in sweat and other moisture without allowing it to evaporate.

An outer layer should block the elements; for example, keep your face shielded from the wind and your body from soaking in the rain. Winter coats can’t be enough if you really want to stay warm in such weather. Instead, put on an outer layer of jackets or overcoats that are wind and waterproof. It also helps if you choose to invest in these items with breathable options like vents around the armpits to keep you comfortable. It may set you back a couple of hundred bucks but it’s not like you will need more than one to be functional during winter.

Generally, all you need to understand about keeping as warm as possible in frigid weather is the importance of space. You need space between the cold air and your skin to act as an interface of insulation. When you just have on a single layer of tight-fitting clothes, your skin is closer to the cold air, and therefore, you aren’t going to be effectively warm. Order any thermal garment for both adult and kid wear from our online shop to wear beneath your regular winter clothes and make your outdoor experience fun.