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Tips to Keep Your Thermals Long-Lasting

Tips to Keep Your Thermals Long-Lasting

Owning thermals is a good idea because you take care of the cold weather.  However, you want to make sure that you handle the clothing properly so that they last longer. You don’t want to buy thermals and after a few months, you go shopping for new thermals because the ones you own are damaged.  As you wear your thermal clothes to protect yourself from the chilly days, you also want to take good care of them.  After you buy your Bodtek thermals – whether leggings, pants, top, or underwear sets - use these great tips to help you keep them in good condition.

Washing them carefully
While Bodtek thermals are designed to be durable, if you handle them improperly, you may have to discard them before they have served you for long. You want to watch out how you wash these clothes.  You may want to hand-wash the thermals, however, if that doesn’t work conveniently for you, you can do machine wash – it works pretty well. If you are washing the thermal clothing, try to use cold water with mild detergent. Refrain from using hot water as it can contribute to a permanent or irreversible stretch of the fabric.  Hot water damages the elasticity of the fabric meaning it may not fit tightly on the skin.  

Dry the thermals properly
You may decide to machine-wash your thermals, so if that is the case, the machine will dry them. On the flip side, if the thermals come out not completely dry, consider drying them in open but don’t let them stay in the sun for too long. Whilst fabrics like poly-spandex from Bodtek feature Ultraviolet Protection, you also don’t want to take chances to keep the clothes in the open for too long. This may degrade the fabric impacting its strength and ability to last longer. If you are hand-washing your thermal garments, ensure you don’t tumble dry them. You can consider drying them in a line or hanging to dry so that you preserve the quality of the fabric.

Wear the clothing several times before washing
You don’t want to wash your thermals after a single wear. Consider wearing them a couple of times before you wash them. Having less washing cycles allows you to preserve the fabric’s quality and your thermals won’t wear out fast. So, how do you prevent washing thermals after every single wear?

Try to deal with the little dirt and spots right away. If you have food spots and dirt on the thermals, clean it straight away using some little detergent and water without doing machine wash. Spot cleaning helps you deal with the dirt before it dries and soaks in the fabric. You also want to prevent regular washing by considering air-drying the thermals often. If the thermals feature antibacterial properties, then you should not have problems.

Essentially, you want to reduce the frequency in which you wash your thermals. The best thing with Bodtek thermals is that they are breathable, so they will prevent or control bad odor meaning you can wear them several times without washing them. With these tips, you can be sure that you protect and preserve your thermal fabric so that it endures for a long time.