Tips For Successful Fishing In Cold Weather

Tips For Successful Fishing In Cold Weather

Tips For Successful Fishing In Cold Weather

Fishing is an American sport so chances are wherever you are in the states; you’ve cast your rod. In fact, according to recent statistics, over 50 million Americans flocked to the waterways all over the country to fish. Fishing activities: doesn’t matter if it’s freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, or fly-fishing, are meant to be fun. However, if you can’t keep warm and are cold to your bones or soaking with sweat, it just sucks the fun out of the sport. Layering is the best way to avoid cold injuries, hypothermia, frostbite, and other bad stuff cold weather is responsible for.

Dressing right for comfortable fishing
Whether you are fishing as a sport or it’s your livelihood, you can’t avoid dressing warmly for it. Both the hobbyist fisherman and the one who makes a living out of it will benefit if you take the following into consideration.

Layer your base with snugly fitting underclothes
Layers are the key when dressing to go out and fish. This is because temperatures can rise and fall throughout the day. Also, there is always the possibility of fierce winds and storms on the open seas. With layers, you are flexible to take them out if it gets warm or put them back on when it’s cold. Furthermore, if you got a stroke of bad luck and go overboard, you can easily remove the top layers.

Men’s long johns should fit like a second skin
The thermals should be next to your skin and function best as the base layer. Loose thermal bottoms will bunch up and fail to distribute your body heat evenly. You then need to add layers on top of the thermal bottoms and top so that you can further insulate yourself from body heat loss.

Put a mid-layer after the thermal that is a little more loose-fitting than the thermal underclothes. If you are ice-fishing, use more than one mid-layer because the cold conditions might be savage.  
An outer layer is usually a jacket and some pants. The jacket should be water-resistant to keep most of the rain out in case it does rain while you are out. This will prevent you from getting sick. When it comes to ice fishing, it can get windy while you are sitting on the ice in the middle of the lake so you need a windproof outer layer as well.

A hat or other headgear isn’t optional if you are to keep frostbite or hypothermia at bay. Your ears can’t be exposed to the elements for a lengthy period without the risk of frostbite so you need a hat to shield them.  Choose a hat that fits correctly and won’t fall off as you bend which is inevitable. You should also protect your eyes by wearing goggles or sunglasses. For those fishing in the ice, if you can put on a facemask, it will be even better. This is to protect any of your facial skin left uncovered.  Of course, wearing a pair of gloves, socks, and the right boots or shoes is necessary.

It’s important to keep in mind that the layers must allow you to easily and quickly remove for both safety and comfort. If you are fishing in the open waters, you face the danger of going overboard and will need to easily pull off additional layers fast before the weight pulls you under.

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