Tips For Camping in the Cold - How to Stay Warm

Tips For Camping in the Cold - How to Stay Warm

Tips For Camping in the Cold - How to Stay Warm

With winter camping comes cold temperatures, and there is no escaping it. However, you don’t have to let the thoughts of frosty toes and fingers bar you from pursuing your overnight ski tour or adventure. There are ways you can stay warm while doing your winter camping activities.

Have two sleeping pads
Two pads are better than one, so if you are going camping, ensure you pack two camping mattresses. They will help insulate you against the cold ground as well as snow. The two pads will add up to more insulation and warmth compared to one.

Remove the sweaty clothes
After you construct your tent and you are ready to spend your evening, you can remove the sweaty layers. You may find it counterintuitive; however, removing the sweaty layers will do you good. To revive your warmth, get the extra pair of base layers or thermal wear and throw on some dry clothes including socks.

On those coldest nights, try to toss on a hardshell jacket over your puffy jacket and make sure that you are in your thermals. Since your thermals feel like a second skin, having those in addition to your jackets and puffies will add more warmth.

Place a hot water bottle within your core
Don’t put the hot water bottle at your toes; place it in your groin. Placing the bottle on the core region of your body helps heat up the blood traveling throughout the body. That blood will be able to reach your extremities and warm up your entire body faster. This is a trick every camper needs to know as it helps beat extreme cold fast. Be careful while using hot water as it can cause burns, ensure you crack down the lid to help prevent leaks.

Wear a balaclava
You lose a substantial amount of heat via the head. So you want to cover your head to increase your body heat. While you may wear jacket hoods and beanies to keep your head warm, they tend to slip off while asleep. That’s why you may want to wear a balaclava as it stays put and helps trap that hard-earned heat. Additionally, a balaclava has a breathing hole to allow ventilation so that you don’t feel suffocating. On a balaclava, you can layer it underneath a hood or beanies to offer maximum warmth.

Dress in layers
You want to dress to beat cold weather. Put on multiple layers including a base layer. When you top your baselayer with puffies and shells, you can greatly control your body temperature. Let the baselayer be made of moisture-wicking, heat-retention fabric. You can choose spandex-polyester fabric as it is not only light but also retains heat.

It’s soft and fits evenly on your body without creating air pockets. Its lightweight feel allows you to add extra layers of clothes depending on how cold it is while being able to remain comfortable. Bodtek offers you ideal thermal wear for winter that you can wear during camping expeditions.  

As you go about your activities of the day, the body will work up heat and your thermal baselayer from Bodtek will retain it. Even when you head to the tent, you will be able to maintain that heat. Since the spandex-polyester thermals dry out fast, it ensures you keep dry.