The Best Cold Weather Soccer Thermals for Kids

The Best Cold Weather Soccer Thermals for Kids

The Best Cold Weather Soccer Thermals for Kids

Your kids will want to get outside and play soccer during winter, but you are worried about keeping them warm. A winter soccer experience is a unique moment for the boys and girls, however, if you don’t be careful, they could be exposing themselves to that extreme cold. Kids’ thermals for cold weather soccer are essential for the health and protection of your kids. You do not want them to be shivering. Besides, frostbite and hypothermia present a real danger as the outdoor temperatures drop. Maybe you’ve considered kid's long underwear; however, with so many choices of fabric, which one should you choose for cold weather.

Bodtek thermals for kids are a great option as they allow your kids to have the best of their activity level and ensure constant growth.

Best Fabric for Kids Winter Soccer Play

Fabric that draws away heat    
While playing your kids will be sweating and the worst thing you want them to experience is to soak in sweat. Find a fabric that can draw away sweat and push it out of the skin to the outer fabric layer. This way, you ensure that the sweat escapes and keeps the kids’ bodies dry.

Fabric that insulates heat
Another thing you may not realize is that even though kids are playing and active, the sweat can make them get cold fast. As the moisture escapes, it causes cold in the body, so ensure you have a fabric that insulates or traps heat and keeps it in the body. A poly-spandex fabric allows the heat to remain in the body and wicks away sweat to keep the kids dry.

Flexible fabric
Besides, when kids are playing, they want flexibility in body movement. Oftentimes, the garments they wear during cold tend to limit the range of motion. This makes them not enjoy their sport. To make the most of their soccer sport during cold weather, they can wear Bodtek thermals for kids. They will be running, walking, jumping, and making strikes, and all other soccer activities and tricks with ease and comfort.

The thermals feature 4-way stretchability, meaning that the kids can easily move around, run, and do other movements when playing their soccer game in cold.

Fabric that fits well
As with any other sport, soccer requires a garment that is properly fitting. Bodtek thermals may look like they tightly constrict the skin, however, they are designed to ensure tight-fitting, but not too light to restrict circulation. The clothes fit-snugly and feel like another skin on top of the natural skin. They aren’t too tight or too loose. Therefore, the kids will be comfortable as they play.

Soft fabric for comfort
When playing, the skin tends to create friction with the garment you are wearing. However, thermal clothes for kids have a soft lining that does not cause abrasion to the skin. Your kids won’t have to worry about chafe due to some rough garments they wear while playing in cold.

For the best experience in winter soccer for your kids, consider Bodtek thermals for kids. They are comfortable, lightweight, ultra-soft, and retain heat. They also take away moisture from the skin’s surface.