Thermal Underwear

Should The Base Layer Be Tight Or Loose?

Should The Base Layer Be Tight Or Loose?

With the right thermal clothing, you don’t have to keep indoors or slow down because of cold weather. You will undertake your outdoor activities like going to work, hiking, swimming, trekking, walking, running, or lifting weights. If you choose to remain indoors, you will stay warm and energetic by beating the cold. Thermal clothing is ideal for the outdoorsy and nature-loving individuals who would want to venture outside and discover what nature has to offer. They are also perfect for sporty women and men who love skiing in winter, swimming, jogging, running, and doing other outdoor sports activities.

Whether you will be indoors or you plan to get outside and take some grueling body exercises, thermal underwear sets will make you warm and comfy.

Fabric – an important feature
The fabric that makes your thermal clothing will go a long way in offering the experience you need when in your leggings, pants, or thermal shirts. Get a good thermal fabric material, and you will enjoy your experience. Find an inappropriate fabric material, and you’ll curse your choice and the outdoor or indoor experience you get. You may find thermals made of natural fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and wool, however, these tend to be heavier and bring a load of weight when wearing them.

Synthetic fabrics make an ideal choice when it comes to buying your thermals. Thermal leggings and shirts made of a spandex-polyester combination make a good option. Poly-spandex is a soft, stretchy material that is commonly used to make activewear or performance wear. It allows for easy and cozy wear because of its stretchy feature.

Tight or Loose fit?
The base layer is the garment that is closest to your skin. It is the fabric that touches or is in contact with your skin. You may have thermal underwear sets where you layer up or you put on solo - depending on how cold it is or your fashion style. If you find a thermal piece that doesn’t fit tight on the skin, it could mean that it leaves air pockets that contribute to cold on your body. Good thermal clothing is one that provides a close fit. It fits tightly on the skin so that you don’t have spaces of air or pockets of air that can easily allow the body to get cold. So, when choosing thermal underwear sets to make your base layer, ensure they fit tightly.

Bodtek’s thermals for a tight, soft fit
Bodtek thermal wear evenly contours and fits close to the skin so that you have a feeling of a skin layer. You feel as if you have an added skin layer on top of your usual skin. The tight fit makes sure that if you wear or layer up, you don’t have discomfort. You feel as though you are only in your layered clothing and no thermals. You can put on your jeans and jackets or your hoodies and silk shirts without worrying about uncomfortable thermal underwear.

If you have a thermal pant or legging with raised seams, it could cause friction or rub against your skin causing rashes or chafes. Again, if the thermal cannot adequately stretch, it means that it won’t closely fit on the skin. So, you want to find thermals from an innovative designer like Bodtek.