Running During the Winter - What Outfit Do You Choose?

Running During the Winter - What Outfit Do You Choose?

Running During the Winter - What Outfit Do You Choose?

Running during winter not only allows you to stay warm but also helps improve your health. The cold weather can be daunting to many people and if you want to keep fit, you need to exercise your body. But running requires that you dress in clothing that allows mobility, range of motion, flexibility, and a soft touch on the skin.  You want to get the right pair of shoes that will prevent injuries and allow breathability to prevent bad odor.  Additionally, you want to wear gloves to keep your hands feeling toasty.

In winter, you may sweat when you exercise or run, however, the moment you stop running, you could easily get cold and you might experience hypothermia. Knowing how to dress for your workouts or running sessions during winter keeps you warm all day long and prevents incidents of shivering and becoming extremely cold.  Your outfit should ensure the following:

Draw moisture away
Although running helps the body produce heat, when you sweat, it can be difficult to regulate that heat. It also takes time to heat up the body when you sweat. You may want to choose thermal wear that draws moisture away and sends it to the outer layers to dry out. Look for a material that dries fast and is able to keep your body dry. This way, you will ensure that you won’t have a bad smell and you won’t likely suffer rashes due to accumulation of sweat. The material needs also to be soft enough to prevent rubbing against the skin.

Trap body heat
You don’t want your body to lose the heat it releases while you exercise. You also don’t want to overheat your body. A spandex-polyester material ensures that your body regulates heat so that you remain warm and don’t overheat. It retains heat to ensure you brave the outdoors running or jogging and pursuing your active lifestyle.  
Let it be flexible and breathable
When running, you want freedom with your range of motion. Although there are clothes you can wear that help fight cold, often, they may not perform so well for running activities. You want to ensure you can stretch your legs, make the long forward sprints or steps without hindrances. An inflexible fabric will limit your range of motion. It will restrict your movement and you may be uncomfortable.  

A poly-spandex blend of fabric is not only breathable but also flexible. It stretches in different directions and conforms to the body and skin to feel like a second skin. It does not allow pockets of air on the skin or the fabric. It evenly contours to the skin fitting snugly while not being too tight to restrict your movement.  The breathable fabric helps keep the skin dry thereby helping retain heat and prevent moisture from making you get cold.  

Comfort is paramount when choosing clothes for running. You don’t want to wear clothing that will cause chafing. You also don’t want to wear clothing that will feel so tight. Again, clothes that trap moisture will make you uncomfortable.  A flat seam construction featuring fleece lining and stitching helps prevent ripping or tearing of the thermals thus ensuring longevity.

Bodtek thermals for running
Bodtek’s thermals for running are not only flexible and breathable but also allow comfort. They stretch in four directions and wick moisture away. They trap heat to ensure you stay warm while running.  Bodtek thermals feature a poly-spandex material that creates pressure around the body and helps reduce fatigue as well as soreness that you may encounter when you run. This way, you are able to recover fast and you are soon on another round or session of running after a few days of rest.