Prepare Yourself to Face the Cold Weather While Camping

Prepare Yourself to Face the Cold Weather While Camping

Prepare Yourself to Face the Cold Weather While Camping

Camping is one of the favorite activities for outdoorsy persons. If you love hiking, camping, and trekking, you probably know how demanding it is when it comes to protecting yourself from harsh winter weather and cold nights. Your camping experience may start on a high note, somewhere down the line, the weather may change and it ruins all the exciting moments you had. You should not underestimate the weather conditions when going camping- always prepare for both sides – hot and cold weather conditions. Before you head out for your next camping expedition, you want to ensure you have the right gear with you. Packing clothes and accessories to keep you warm helps spruce up your experience. So how do you prepare yourself to face that cold weather out there?

Hire or purchase campfire equipment
You may want to look out for campfire equipment that will help provide you with fire. Lighting fire can help keep you toasty as you unwind in the evening before you can head to the tent to sleep. You can choose a propane-powered bonfire stove or even charcoal and wood-fuelled campfire pits for warming up. Ensure that you don’t spend too much on your campfire equipment and try to use other ways to stay warm.

Have a tent and extra pads
A tent not only helps protect you from crawling creatures and animals in the wild, it can also help in keeping you warm. When coupled with mattresses, a tent can keep your night a smooth one with warmth. Extra pads help retain heat and keep you a little toasty. You want to wear thermal long johns as your night pajama in the tent to help add to the warmth.

Vent your tent
It may sound counter-intuitive, however, allowing airflow into your tents can help you maintain warmth. When you breathe, you produce hot vapor that circulates inside the tent. As the droplets of the hot vapor hit the fabric of the cold tent, they form water that condenses and freezes. If you open the vents on the tent partially, you help the hot vapor to escape outside. This way, you prevent yourself from waking in an icebox of frost or finding yourself in a wet and miserable condition.

Wear hand warmers, heated boosts, and heated gloves
You can think of technology when going camping as it helps spruce up things. Wearing heated gloves and boots can help keep your toes and hands toasty. You don’t have to bring your space heater, just go for the compact solutions, courtesy of technological advancement. You will be able to wake up with your toes and fingers warm and well functioning.  

Dress in layers
During your camping time, you want to adjust your dressing according to the temperatures and level of activity. If it’s warm, you may have your jackets and hoodies or jeans play their role. In cold weather, get your thermal wear to make your base layer. If it’s extremely cold, you want to get the puffies and shells or your parka to get the extra warmth you need. With the right layers of clothes, you are able to regulate and control your body temperature. You stay warm and toasty all day, all night.

Bodtek has a range of thermal wear for your camping gear needs. You can choose the Bodtek’s long johns thermal pants or leggings. You can also go with thermal shirts and tops. Make sure that you have these pieces in your camping bag. Get other winter clothing to help layer up as you fight the extreme cold.