Keeping Your Kids Warm and Safe During Winter Holidays

Keeping Your Kids Warm and Safe During Winter Holidays

Keeping Your Kids Warm and Safe During Winter Holidays

As the frigid winter cold settles in, parents and their kids need to find ways to stay healthy and keep warm. Cold weather not only comes with spells of cold and flu but can also weaken the immune system causing you and your family to be susceptible to infections. Chilly weather can also contribute to hypothermia, a serious condition that can be life-threatening. To help your kids stay warm and safe at the time of the winter holidays, you want to try out the following things:    

Let the kids eat healthily
Healthy eating during wintertime may be challenging, however, incorporating some winter foods can go a long way in keeping the family healthy. Overindulging at holiday parties, reduced availability of fresh vegetables and fruits, presenting of holiday cookies and fruitcakes as gifts can separate the family from healthful eating to bad eating habits. Your family may find it easier to place an order for pizza than to head out into the cold streets to buy groceries. Talk to your kids and remind them that they need to eat healthy to fight the cold weather.

Break out their sweaters
When winter strikes, you want to make sure every member of the family dresses up warmly to help stay warm. As temperatures plummet, hypothermia becomes a big concern. Not only can it affect kids but it also attacks adults. Whether you are indoors or going out, cover yourself by wearing a sweater. You also want to pull your jackets and hoodies or the hardshells from the wardrobes. Your winter coats also come in handy during this time.

When dressing the kids up for winter, include a covering for the hands and head as these body parts tend to lose a considerable amount of heat. If they are at home or they are going outdoors, let them wear shoes that have non-skid soles and good traction to prevent falls. Since not everyone will keep the thermostat turned up as high as it’s comfortable for the kids, make sure you keep them snuggled up in sweaters while indoors or dress them in layers.

Let them take breaks from outdoor
It can be a lot of fun to play in the snow, however, there is a smart way to ensure the kids do it safely. Ensure that they take breaks about every 30 minutes. Also that you apply sunscreens every 2 hours the same way you do for summer playtime. The reason is that, although there is maybe snow outside, the sun’s bright rays tend to reflect off that snow meaning kids and even adults can still get a sunburn. A lip balm containing SPF may help avoid windburn.

Let the kids wear thermals
Thermals for kids are a great addition to their closet. There are thermals for kids that will help revamp the body heat of kids and allow them to spend their outdoor time playing with confidence and keeping safe and healthy. They can wear them at home, when going to school, while exercising, or while playing. Thermal clothes are not only stylish but also fashionable. Choose from thermal crew neck for kids, thermal leggings for girls, and thermal shirts for boys.  

You can choose Bodtek thermals for kids to help protect your kids in winter. Bodtek kids thermal leggings and shirts or thermal bottoms, thermal tops, and thermal underwear feature 4 ways stretch, and retain heat. They also offer great flexibility and ultra-lightweight and are very soft and gentle on your kids’ skin.