Keep Yourself Warm While Working In Healthcare

Keep Yourself Warm While Working In Healthcare

Keep Yourself Warm While Working In Healthcare

Healthcare workers do a great job of taking good care of patients. They take their time and ensure you are safe by taking care of yourself at all times. But this begs the question. Do they take care of themselves when treating or caring for you?  At times, wearing scrubs as a health worker during winter can be challenging as you want to keep warm and be decent at work. Health workers can dress appropriately and, at the same time, be warm. It is possible to achieve this by wearing clothes in layers. Wearing in layers involves wearing the lightest clothes from the inside, such as thermal pants, and adding scrubs.

Let us look at ways in which you can stay warm as a health worker

Layer Up
When wearing scrubs, you can wear other clothes from inside. These clothes can be thermal wear because they are light and keep you protected from cold. These are clothes made from polyester blended with spandex. These materials are lightweight and provide your body with warmth and dry the sweat away, leaving your body dry and fresh at all times.

Nobody likes a cold hospital, but with the conditions in the hospital and pathogens, it is safer for the hospital’s temperatures to be cold as they are. But this does not mean you freeze as you work. With long johns, thermal leggings, and thermal tops or shirts, you keep your body toasty as they make you stay warm.

A thermal top can be an added advantage to your body if it can fit under your scrubs. With the thermal top, it can distribute the heat evenly to your body. This thermal wear is designed using advanced technology, giving you the features you need from a fabric to stay warm and dry, remain comfortable, and ensure freedom in movement. Bodtek thermals work to pull sweat from the body, releasing it through the breathable fabric.

When choosing your thermal clothing, ensure they allow flexibility and freedom of movement. Clothes that restrict movement can in themselves create a hazardous working situation. Bodtek thermals, worn under your hospital uniform are very flexible. They feature 4-way stretchability, meaning you can walk around, bend, and do any of your tasks without restricting movement.

Drink Warm Beverages
Keeping your body hydrated is crucial in winter. In the healthcare facility, you want to ensure that the body remains warm. Rather than drinking cold drinks, consider hot or warm drinks. Even water, make sure it is warm. This will help step up your metabolism and ensure the body releases energy needed to keep it warm. Additionally, if possible, take short, frequent breaks in dry, warm shelters to allow your body to warm-up.

Eat warm, Healthy Foods
While eating is a day-to-day activity, eating healthy food can increase your metabolic activities. In return, it increases the blood flow, keeping you warm without the need for heavy clothing. Consuming warm, high-calorie foods gives the body the fuel it needs to generate energy for keeping the body warm. It includes eating warm food and hot drinks such as porridge, soup, and stew. Eating warm food helps your body increase its warmth naturally. It is a better option because you do not need to have more clothes on you as you must be decent.

It is safe to say that the best way to dress during the cold season is by dressing in layers with thermal clothes. Bodtek store offers you the best thermal wear for men and women. Made with the best fabrics, it is the best thermal wear to wear under your scrubs to keep you warm.