How To Survive The Extreme Cold In Arkansas

How To Survive The Extreme Cold In Arkansas

How To Survive The Extreme Cold In Arkansas

You don’t remember being this cold before? Winter in Arkansas is normally mild. Some days are better than others but it’s at night when the cold can be unbearable. However, Arkansas has also made the headlines after freak winter storms happened over the years. From the insanely cold winter of 1905 to the infamous ice storm of 1983, you’re only safe here if you are well prepared for the unpredicted. Installing HVAC utilities in your home is pretty basic. Unfortunately, if there is one thing that isn’t reliable during a freak winter, it’s electric power and Texans will tell you this for free.

Hibernation isn’t an option

Well if you think about it, hibernation is precisely what people need to do to escape a cold reality, literally. However, unlike the bear, this isn’t an option for human beings. The most you could do is maybe take a vacation to warmer parts of the world. If you can’t then you have to develop survival tactics for this crazy season. These simple truths will keep you away from the looming threat of cold stress.

•    Get yourself thermal underwear now

Whether you intend to stay indoors as much as possible or you are the unbeatable outdoorsy spirit, get thermal underwear. As much as you’d like to spend time indoors, some activities will get you outside from time to time. For example, shoveling snow before it packs up to an extent you’re not able to leave even when you want to.

•    Set aside a backpack with tools to survive a day or so of power failure

If you’re going on with your life, as usual, don’t forget to drag along a winter survival kit in your car. Also, have a backpack beside your sofa for instance in case the power goes out unexpectedly.

•    Forget using your boat or van as living quarters at least until winter is done

Don’t do mobile homes during the winter cause you never know how ferocious mother nature might get this winter compared to the last one. For the newcomers in Arkansas, it’s prudent to check out our history just to get a clearer picture of the craziest winters ever experienced.

•    Have a backup plan for power if electricity was to fail for longer periods

Power could go out for as long as three weeks. This happened during the worst ice storm Arkansas has ever seen in the year 2000. Do your best to get ready for such a return to the dark ages by purchasing a battery-operated TV or radio to keep abreast with what’s happening.

Ensure you can get a fire going. Whether open fire or gas-lit your fireplace needs to be in working order. You will obviously need to stock wood well in advance to prevent running out if your fireplace uses wood.

Arkansas facts about winter for newcomers

•    Winter can be mild and it’s quite rare to experience severe weather
•    January is the coldest month
•    The highest snowfall ever recorded recently was almost 25 inches
•    It’s more common to get rain in Arkansas than it is to get snow.

This winter might have found you unprepared. Don’t let the next one find you the same way. You can order our thermals now before the rush for winter gear is on. Bodtek makes durable and practical thermal underwear options for all members of your family. You never know if this year another freak snowfall could happen like that of May 2013 so there is no time like the present to get prepared.