How to Stay Warm on Your Northern European Trip

How to Stay Warm on Your Northern European Trip

How to Stay Warm on Your Northern European Trip

A trip to Northern Europe offers you a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of the ancient structure, learn about the Scandinavian countries, and explore the rich culture and landscapes. Preparing your northern Europe trip is practically an art form. The winter season here can be pretty punishing – extremely cold, often sending you shivering if you don't have the right clothing to keep you warm. Since you don't want snow or low temperature ruin your trip experience, ensure you have with you thermal clothing like long johns leggings or a pair of thermal underwear sets. Between hotels with no elevators, RyanAir flights luggage restrictions, and effortless stylish-looking locals, you want to see that you pack light keeping in mind to have thermal wear.

How to pack what to wear
Whether you’re touring Helsinki in Finland or Galway in Ireland, a trip to northern Europe requires proper planning. Flying to the destination nowadays is not like the past. You won't be able to bring large luggage or a couple of suitcases for your trip. So you want to get everything in a single bag, yet ensure that you have all the essentials for your trip. You also want to look stylish and feel toasty if it’s cold. So, what should you bring with you?

Basic things to pack for winter months
Regardless of where or when you are traveling, your carry-on packing list isn’t going to change much. Whether winter or summer, you will still need to pack underwear.

What to include - add ins
The best way you can pull off skinny jeans, as well as boots in freezing temperatures, is to wear an invisible layer of thermal clothing. Wearing long underwear underneath the jeans can do the trick in keeping you warm. Consider bringing a pair of thermal leggings or thermal underwear set and one long-sleeved thermal top to make your winter trip a comfy experience. Bodtek offers you the best quality thermal wear. Bodtek’s thermals are light allowing you to pack easily and lightly on your trip. You won’t worry about your luggage being too heavy or bulky. Again, Bodtek’s thermal underwear sets can double up as pajamas during cold days, especially where there is no indoor heating. You could also have leggings under a skirt.

What to leave out - swap out heavy clothing
Sweaters are cozy and chic, however, they tend to take up a lot of space in your bag compared to other tops. Consider swapping up four or three tops where you would have packed two hoodies or sweaters. If you love wearing bulky sweaters with leggings or jeans while traveling, replace the sweaters with tops. You can have one sweater and the rest are thermal tops. You will wear the sweater over a thermal top.  

Keep black, it’s fashionable
Black clothes don't go out of fashion. They are easy to match and look chic. They never look dirty easily, so you can wear them a couple of times before washing them. So, consider packing a pair of black pants that you can pair with a t-shirt to give you that casual outfit. And when you pair them with a sweater, you have the perfect attire for a dinner outing.

Get boots, not shoes – don’t forget winter socks
Northern Europe winter can be brutal, so you need to make sure that your feet feel comfortable. Choose a pair of slip-on boots as they are easy to take off and on at the airport. They are travel friendly and match almost any clothing you wear. You can also comfortably walk for hours in slip-on boots and they keep the feet feeling toasty and dry compared to flats or sneakers. Don't forget to pack some warm, lightweight socks to add warmth to your feet.

These clothing tips for winter can make your trip to Northern Europe a comfortable and stylish one. Make sure that you watch the weight of your luggage and pack thermals that are lightweight and designed to offer comfort like Bodtek’s thermals.