Thermal Underwear Set for Football

How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather Football

How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather Football

Playing football is great fun, but it’s even more enjoyable when you do it in cold weather. The problem comes when you have to battle cold weather. To help you stay toasty while playing soccer in cold weather, you want to dress properly. Choosing thermal clothing is the first step to protecting your body and ensuring your health. Otherwise, exposing the body to cold can cause a lot of harm like suffering from hypothermia.

Playing Can Keep you Warm, but Not in Winter
When you play football, the body generates heat. However, because you are sweating, the heat is lost pretty fast than the body can retain. You will find that you are freezing even if you are engaging in exercises or sports activities. So you need to get heat insulation and here is where thermals come in handy.

Thermal Wear for Football in the Cold
If you want to have the best experience when playing football, you should choose thermal clothing pieces designed with the right material. A poly-spandex material makes an ideal choice since it’s light enough to ensure you don’t feel heavy or loaded on garments. It retains heat so your body will keep warm. Besides, it takes the moisture or sweat away, keeping your skin dry.

Often, as sweat evaporates, it tends to take with it the heat in your body. You will begin to get cold even if you are sweating. Bodtek thermals for football allow you to generate body heat and remain toasty. They regulate the body heat ensuring you don’t overheat.

You can also layer up if it’s very cold and your football garments make a good choice. Since your team has its uniform, you can have thermals as undergarments, forming the base layer and then add another extra layer of football clothes. This way, you ensure optimal warmth.

Comfort is Key
Choosing the right thermal fabric ensures comfort. When playing, you are engaging in strenuous activity and excessive body movement. If you are in garments that are rough on your skin, you will likely suffer chafe or abrasion. Your skin may develop bruises as a result of the friction created by the garment on the skin. To avoid harm to the skin, you can wear thermal underwear set underneath your football clothes.

The thermals feature ultra-soft fabric that is gentle on your skin. Besides, the fleecing lining ensures that you are comfortable in thermals. Additionally, the 4-way stretchability ensures flexibility in movement and a good range of motion therefore, you can play your football game comfortably.

Also, because the fabric draws sweat from the skin, it ensures your body remains dry throughout the sports activity. This also helps prevent abrasion, as moisture can contribute to serious abrasion on your skin from the typical garment. Thermals are ultra-soft and gentle on the skin.

Choose Bodtek Thermals
Bodtek thermals are specifically designed to warm your body and retain the heat. They are comfortable and flexible to wear during sports activities. Invest in Long Johns or leggings for your winter football sport. You may also want to consider thermal underwear set for football as they work great too.