How to Stay Safe and Warm in the Snow

How to Stay Safe and Warm in the Snow

How to Stay Safe and Warm in the Snow

When the snow begins to build up, you start looking all over your wardrobe for the heavy clothes to warm you up.  The last thing you want to experience is to get to the winter season without the right clothing. It will not only impact your day to day life but also work performance and health.  When you don’t wear clothes to protect you, you are inviting illness such as a cold or dangerously low body temperature. Luckily, there are ways you can keep warm and stay safe in the snow.

Stay active
To some, snow feels annoying, but for others, it offers an opportunity to go playing and be creative. You can go snowboarding, sledding, skiing, and building snowmen – these are great winter activities for families. However, being outside for long can also be dangerous. While you will want to ensure you are active, don’t stay too long outside. Being active helps the body to release heat and try beating the cold weather.

When you’re back to your camping site or your house, you want to take off the wet clothing and put on fresh, dry clothing. Have a mug of hot cocoa to enhance warmth in your body. Touching the mug can also help warm up the hands. Ensure that you cover your toes, ankles, and wrists to keep your body heat trapped.

Wear helmets
Being active in the snow is more fun, but you want to ensure that you are safe. Snow can be hard enough to cause injury to your body. Ensure you protect yourself from head injuries such as concussions by wearing a helmet. Ensure the helmet fits snugly and is comfortable to wear.

Layer up
You want to dress in layers to help insulate the body while not overheating. Ensure the layer that is closest to your skin is moisture-wicking. It will draw away sweat and keep you dry. When your body's skin is dry, it helps the body warm itself pretty easier and faster than when it’s wet. Moisture-wicking thermals wear ensures that you not only remain dry but also retain the heat your body produces.  

Bodtek offers you thermal wear clothing you can layer up. These thermals trap body heat to keep your body warm. They transfer moisture to the outer surfaces of the fabric allowing it to evaporate fast. This way, the thermal wear dries fast and your skin remains dry. Additionally, the thermals are flexible and breathable. They prevent odor by keeping you dry. The breathable fabric ensures that the skin is dry and you feel fresh.  You can wear thermal bottoms and shirts or thermal underwear sets to stay warm.

Beware of the danger
You want to learn how to stay safe while outdoors in the snow. You need to look at the skin and if you see that it’s blistering or pale and grey, especially on the ears, fingers, toes, and nose, it may be frostbite. You can treat the area that suffers frostbite by running it under warm and not hot water for about 15 to 30 minutes. If you or your kid is shivering and experiences slurred speech as well as clumsiness, it could be a sign of hypothermia, so you may want to call a doctor. Otherwise, you can prevent hypothermia by wearing Bodtek thermal underwear and layering it up. Also, wear gloves and boots to cover the extremities.