How To Ride Out Safely During The Winter

How To Ride Out Safely During The Winter

How To Ride Out Safely During The Winter

Ever felt like winter is this storm you have to weather every single time it comes around? Or maybe you are the hardcore winter type who isn’t fazed by the idea of cold temperatures and limited daylight. Whichever type of person you are, you need a plan to survive the winter. This is the only way you get to the other side to see the new beginnings that spring brings. Here are some tips to help you ride out the storm that is winter in one piece.

Be Ready for the Worst-Case Scenarios

Yes, you want to hole up in your house until the last snowfalls and the sun is shining again. Life, however, goes on even when it is frigid cold and you can barely feel your toes on most days. One way to make sure you are ready for Mother Nature’s unpredictability is having a premade winter survival bag at all times. In the bag, you pack all things that you grab to stay alive if you get snowed in your car or at your house. You need to pack

•    Water. Your body uses up more water during the cold months than regular times so having water on hand is crucial.

•    Thermal blankets. The blankets aren’t just comfort items for your lazy moments on the couch. They can be a lifeline if you are stuck at home and power goes out to keep you warm when the HVAC can’t function.

•    Shovel. You need this to get you out of a sticky situation. You park by the road, walk in a coffee shop to grab your caffeine, only to come out and find you can’t get your car back to the road. The shovel will help you dig yourself out. The same applies when a blizzard the previous night dumps snow on your front step.

•    Flares and flashlights. You need them when the power goes off to find your way in the house without seriously injuring yourself before you can light the candles. If you are stranded on the road, you can also use them to signal for help. Remember to keep extra batteries near your flashlight just in case.

•    Food. You need to put high-calorie food like nuts or power bars in the bag. This should help you keep your energy up if you can’t get something to eat because the stove isn’t working after a power outage.

•    Supplies. Some duct tape, a tarp, or a good knife are items you can add to the bag as they are helpful in various ways.

•    First aid kit. You put inside all the medicines your family may need and make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked on other items too. This will give you the peace of mind you need.

•    Radio and toiletries. The radio should help you keep abreast with weather conditions when the internet is down and the toiletries come in handy when nature calls while you are stranded.

•    Thermal underwear. You should put a couple of pairs in the bag to help you keep dry and warm if you get stranded on the road or heat goes out in the home.

Thermal underwear should be your first layer to avoid frostbite or hypothermia. Bodtek thermal sets are designed to be lightweight and can be your thin layer base of clothing for comfort. The design is such that your body heat is locked away and any sweat or excess moisture is wicked away keeping you dry. With several varieties of thermal underwear, you should survive the worst of winter.