How To Prepare For Winter In Arkansas

How To Prepare For Winter In Arkansas

How To Prepare For Winter In Arkansas

It’s pretty unpredictable this time of the year as history has been keen to show us over time. Only in Arkansas will you hear of ice storms during spring or of a tornado outbreak in January. Icy conditions during winter are also quite familiar to Arkansas’ residents. Getting your family prepared for the winter is keeping them all safe even when it’s not easy to predict how bad winter will get.

You need supplies to avoid frequent use of hazardous roads
If this winter is all ice and snow, you need to steer clear of the roads. Instead of making frequent trips to the store for grocery or other house supplies, stock up with fresh food items like fresh fruits. In case the power goes off for a few hours and you don’t have alternative ways to cook a meal, these foods provide nourishment while in their raw form.

Your winter survival bag
Have a backpack for each of your family members with essentials to keep you alive when it’s really dangerous to leave the house. You need to pack in each pack

●    Fully stocked first-aid kit. This may be enough for more than one person and doesn’t need to be in each bag. However, ensure there are enough bandages, antiseptic lotions, pain killers, and some basic medication to relieve common symptoms of excessive cold.

●    Flashlights in case the lights go off because of ice formed on power lines interrupting power flow. Although responders may be strategically placed to act on issues promptly, some response time will be used in following COVID-19 guidelines. You also need to have extra batteries, some candles and charge all your devices. You should also keep the fireplace ready to get a fire going.

●    Thermal underwear to keep you warm when there is no heat in the house. The thermals are also necessary if you need to go shovel the snow outside because they keep you dry. The sweat produced by the activity is immediately wicked away while moisture from the outside doesn’t get in contact with your skin tissue.

●    Shovel - you also need at least one of these to be handy to take care of the snow before it packs several inches and closes you off from the rest of the world.

●    Battery-operated radio or television to help you keep in touch with the outside world when the weather is unsavory and there is a power outage.

●    Toiletries: some tissues, hand lotions, and sunscreen can be added for the trips you take to the store once in a while.

●    Water is necessary to keep you hydrated and avoid the effects of dehydration.

Finally, it’s also nice to have the latest plumbing fittings just to reduce the chances of pipes freezing or clogging.

Where can you get thermals for everyone?
You need to reduce your movement during winter so online stores are the best place to shop. You can order thermal sets for adults and your kids on the Bodtek website to ensure the safety of everyone in the home. Our thermals are designed to keep you safe and warm in frigid weather.