How to Keep Kids Warm in Winter Sports

How to Keep Kids Warm in Winter Sports

How to Keep Kids Warm in Winter Sports

When winter arrives, it’s another moment of fun activities and playing outside. Kids engage in various winter sports from skiing to ice skating and other sports. If you are worried as to whether you should let your kids go out for winter sports or not, the answer is yes – as long as you keep them safe and protected. Often, as the parent, you will hear these heart-wrenching words from your kid, “Mom, I’m freezing.”  It happens when they are out playing football, rugby, hockey, and other winter sports. However, you can protect your kid from desperately trying to keep toasty when the snow pelts down. Let them wear thermal clothing as an undergarment or baselayer.

Keeping the Kids Warm
At Bodtek, we have experience in solving the exact problems where kids have to suffer in the cold as they play their favorite sport. If you don’t keep the kids warm, they won’t enjoy the sport and worst still, you could make them suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. So what should they wear?

First, Understand How the Body works to Keep Warm
For the body to get warm, it needs internal assistance from blood. Your body, hence that of the kid, is like a house heating system. The torso has vital organs that serve as the boiler while the hands, feet, and head serve as the radiators and the blood serves as the hot water being supplied around the house. So you can’t generate heat to the heating system radiators if the boiler is not working. Therefore, you need to feed your boiler with fuel. For the kid’s body, it means drinking, eating, exercising, and all those things that help the body generate heat and hasten blood flow to assist in distributing heat around their body.

But what if the boiler isn’t insulated? All that heat generated is lost, so the radiators will not get warm.

When you insulate your boiler you get heat generated to the radiators. The same concept works for your kids and even yourself. The trick to keeping the kids warm during sporting activities is layering.

Layer Intelligently
If you are going to layer kids' clothing when in the cold, ensure you do it correctly. Select good thermal wear that is able to retain heat while not allowing the kid’s body to overheat. Bodtek thermals for kids are good at insulating the heat. The fabric, made of a combination of polyester and spandex, helps provide thermal regulation. This way, your kid will have their temperature regulated as they play on the pitch.

Thermal underwear sets or Long Johns and leggings make the base layer. Your kid can wear their sports apparel on top of the thermals. This way, you will ensure their bodies remain toasty even in the cold weather. And Bodtek thermals for kids wick away sweat, are comfortable, and flexible. They are very lightweight and easy to take care of. The thermals also prevent abrasion on the skin, meaning your kid won’t suffer from chafe or bruises caused by friction of garments with the skin.

Get your kids (Boys & Girls) the right thermal wear for winter sports to ensure they enjoy themselves and make the most of their activities.