How To Keep Healthy and Warm in Winter - Essential Tips for Mums, Dads, and Children

How To Keep Healthy and Warm in Winter - Essential Tips for Mums, Dads, and Children

How To Keep Healthy and Warm in Winter - Essential Tips for Mums, Dads, and Children

For a majority of people, winter makes an excuse to stop exercising and stay indoors. It may also make people isolate themselves from others. For others, winter comes with the fun moments they have longed for and allows them to go outdoors and indulge in winter activities like skiing, sledding, ice skating, snowboarding, and building a snowman. Families gather together in winter to take part in different activities to help them remain active and socialize. For moms, dads, and kids, these tips can help stay warm and healthy in winter.   

Stay active and lively
Cold weather should not prevent you from getting out and doing some exercises. People who stay active in winter tend to ward off opportunistic infections that may come about due to suppressed immunity. Staying physically active helps ensure your muscles are strong and reduces the risk of falling. And you know, winter presents greater chances of falling because of the slippery icy sidewalks and streets. If you are worried that going out will risk you from falling, do some exercises to enhance core stability and strengthen your muscles. You can try out winter sports like crow-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Consider visiting your local gym or fitness training center to take up some yoga or tai chi sessions. For the kids, keep them active by allowing them to play outdoors with their buddies. Make sure they break from the outdoor activities to get back to the house so that they stay warm.

Switch to winter-themed diet
Healthy winter foods include vegetables like spinach and kale as they throw in lots of vitamins to the table. You can have vegetables in smoothies and salads or just make them as a meal. Also, root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and carrots help to help mucous at a minimum. Other foods that help with winter weather are soups and broths – just keep them hot for a nice seep.

You can try out chicken noodle soup as it keeps you warm, hydrated, and offers a cold remedy filled with vegetables and proteins. Greek yogurt, oats, and chickpeas also work pretty well in winter.  Try out berries, bananas, avocados, and citrus in addition to coconut water and hot teas. Don’t forget to add eggs to your family menu as they help prevent colds and build your immune system.

Go with thermal wear
Many families are realizing that thermals are a great addition to your wardrobe collection. Thermal wear is designed to keep your body warm and cozy. Select thermal clothes that are thin, lightweight, and flexible.

You may consider choosing a premium thermal material like spandex-polyester blend as it is not only ultra-lightweight but also ultra-soft. These thermal underwear sets also help prevent odor and allow greater flexibility in body movement. You will find thermal clothes like long johns leggings and thermal pants ideal for your outdoor activities.

These tips can help your family during winter to stay warm and healthy. When choosing thermal wear, you can select Bodtek thermals. Bodtek thermals store offers you premium quality winter clothes to keep you toasty. The thermals draw out moisture from the skin and keep you dry. They also control odor and are lightweight while being ultra-soft on the skin.