Thermal Underwear

How to Dress for Work When it’s Freezing Outside

How to Dress for Work When it’s Freezing Outside

It’s winter again. You meet people who don’t mind the cold but rarely those who actually look forward to the next winter. If you were going for your vacation during this winter, you might have been anxious for the season to clock in. Otherwise, winters are endured by a majority of people if not outright detested. Now, if you have to go to work in the freezing weather, there are some life hacks necessary to adopt if you are to get through it in one piece.

Thermals: you need them and there are no two ways about it.

Let’s first get the common misconceptions that plague thermal underwear.
•    Thermal long johns deprave your fashion. Men’s long john sets designed for the modern man actually are a casual fashion statement.
•    Light material cannot keep you warm. The material design is made to fit your body snugly, therefore, keep you warm by preventing your body heat from leaving the body. Also, prevent the outside air from reaching your skin.
•    Any material can make up your base layer of clothing when layering. Not unless you don’t mind clingy material on your armpit or under the belly regions where the body produces a lot of sweat, cotton is not a good idea for base layering,

That said, thermal underwear is the most effective way to keep warm if you are going to work in cold weather. Apart from keeping you warm, thermal sets also have wicking technology that removes sweat before it builds up leaving your skin dry. If you are working in an office job, a thermal t-shirt and bottom under your office outfit will give you protection from the office’s frigid air-conditioning.

Working in freezing conditions and staying healthy

Some people have to spend long periods in very low-temperature environments. For example, biologists who choose to go to the arctic to study behavior patterns of living things. Another set of workers is in the cold storage worker or manager. Both these kinds of professions require one to stay in contact with cold weather for lengthy periods. To reduce the risk of frostbite, hypothermia, or at worst cold stress, wear thermals and layer appropriately.

Effective layering means you can easily remove one layer and remain warm if it gets warmer later on. Lots of lightweight layers give you the benefits of flexibility and comfort.

What else you need to know about thermals

•    They save you money. Wearing thermals when you are leaving the house will reduce your need for heat while you’re outside.
•    They allow for normal function including movement or exercise. Your reflexes are also not affected so for a police officer in the streets, wearing thermal underwear inside your uniform will not affect your response time.
•    There is a variety of thermal styles available. Some can be purchased in sets, others as single items. For example, Bodtek thermals for both men and women can be obtained in thermal sets appropriate when it’s freezing outside or a t-shirt to wear inside your outfit when it’s not very cold.

All in all, dressing in the winter must satisfy the need for warmth without compromising comfort or normal function. Our designs at Bodtek were made for both men and women who need to keep warm but not impede how well they go about life every day.