How To Dress For Winter Sports – Stay Warm When Playing Hard

How To Dress For Winter Sports – Stay Warm When Playing Hard

How To Dress For Winter Sports – Stay Warm When Playing Hard

Freezing cold isn’t an excuse to stop training or keeping active in the winter. Although winter does make you wish for days with more daylight and warmer sunshine, you can still participate in a sport this winter. The trick is getting ready to be comfortable when you are doing the sport otherwise you might compromise the level you play if it’s a sport you take part in regularly. For sports like sledding or shooting at the range, you might give up altogether if you don’t plan for balmy and snowy changes in winter weather.

Start off with getting thermal underclothes
Before you buy a sled or tube or join the local shooting range, check off thermal clothing first in your shopping list. Thermal underclothes keep you warm when you are out in the cold air by providing insulation against body heat loss.

The basics of thermal underclothes
You want to stay sharp and one way to do this is not to wear clothes that keep distracting you from your performance. For example, if you are shooting a target, you don’t want to mess up your aim because of slight tremors caused by shivering. The best design for thermal underwear should distribute your body heat such that you are warm enough to avoid shivering.

Wear a thermal shirt or top as your foundation layer
You don’t have to wear the whole set. If the sport just makes use of your upper body like shooting, for example, you can do without thermal bottoms. This also applies if the activity is taking place indoors as opposed to the open cold air or on days with tolerable weather conditions. The beautiful thing about having a cool thermal t-shirt beneath your jacket is you can remove the jacket anytime it’s practical. More importantly, thermal underwear will keep you dry when your body produces sweat due to the activity.

Put on other layers that keep you warm
Depending on the sport, add other clothing items like shirts, sweaters, and jackets. However, check that you don’t choose cotton-made clothing for the second layer because it’s counterproductive.  Other items of clothing worn in winter are also mandatory to ensure you put all your energy into performing the best at the sport. These are:
●    Gloves or hand warmers to keep your fingers safe from frostbite.
●    Boots or shoes with grip to allow for safe movement in the snow.
●    A beanie or winter hat to protect your scalp and ears from biting cold.
●    Scarves or other neck-wraps to seal any opening that will let in cold air.

It’s important to remember to use the best options for pants when you aren’t wearing thermal bottoms under them. For example, if you are going to kneel or hit the ground while playing the sport, you can use tactical pants instead of the regular kind.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will get the most out of your winter sports participation. Consider making your purchases for men, women, and kid’s (Boys & Girls) thermal underwear at Bodtek. Our designs are very specific to make life outdoors bearable in the winter giving you the freedom you need to train and play hard.