How Should I Dress For -20 Degrees?

How Should I Dress For -20 Degrees?

How Should I Dress For -20 Degrees?

Dressing in frigid cold weather is more about protecting yourself from frostbite and hypothermia than anything else. However, you don’t want to come across as a natural sloth while you are at it. When you choose winter wear, keep in mind there is more to what a few trench coats can provide if you got thermals instead. Bodtek hosts a collection of tops, bottoms, and thermal sets best suited for very cold weather. We also don’t compromise on style so you will not fail to find something to complement your style without having to put too much effort. So here are some tips on how to dress for minus 20 degrees weather.

Layer your Regular Clothing with a Thermal Set

People living in cold areas will tell you that effective layering is to avoid harsh weather in all seasons. With humid summers and frigid cold winter months, you need a thermal set. The trick in choosing your layers is balance. How warm you feel when you are outside shouldn’t change to stifling heat when you go indoors. Checks to help you get layering right include:

•    Your thermal sets should only be second to your underwear. In temps of minus 20 degrees, you want to avoid leaving either your torso or lower body vulnerable to the elements.
•    You have appropriate clothing on top of the thermal set. Wear fabrics that allow moisture from the bottom layer to vaporize quickly.
•    You’re wearing a sweater, hoodie, or any other garment to insulate you further and keep you warmer in the extreme cold.
•    You have an outer layer. Wear a windbreaker that is also waterproof to keep dry. If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, add insulated overalls or snowmobile bibs to still be insulated from shivering while you’re out in the cold.

Put on your thermals no matter what you plan on doing.

•    You must have thermals under your gym clothes or jogging pants and sweatshirts. Doing this keeps the risk of hypothermia lower.
•    A trip to the grocery store may be short but you must put a thermal set inside your loose pants in temps of minus 20.
•    When traveling, wear your neck thermal shirt under your chosen outfit. Finish off the look by wrapping a blanket scarf to keep warm while waiting for the bus. Once you board the bus, you can easily take the scarf off.
•    You have to avoid skirts and dresses that are stylish during summer. Instead, choose different colors to add some pomp and please your fashion sense.

What makes you beat the cold in very cold weather is having a base layer of thermal sets. This keeps you warm and sets the foundation for other layers. Bodtek designs thermals such that you retain heat, distribute your body warmth, and keep your sweat from sticking to your skin. If it gets warmer, you can easily shed one or more layers and remain insulated. Since the fabric is made to last longer, shopping your thermals at Bodtek gives you an economic sense.