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How Moisture-Wicking Apparel Helps You Stay Warm In Cold Weather

How Moisture-Wicking Apparel Helps You Stay Warm In Cold Weather

Are you having trouble getting cozy despite putting on several clothes? That wet and clammy feeling you get when you can’t get comfortably warm. Probably, you thought you got yourself some winter clothes only to realize you chose wrong. Thermal underclothes are designed to serve you during frigid weather. Unlike clothes made of cotton, their designs use synthetic material, for example, polyester which wicks away moisture and leaves you dry.

How wicking material works
The fabric lying close to the body draws sweat from the body and onto its surface. From the surface, it spreads quickly and evaporates rapidly. Poly fibers absorb only o.4% of their weight in water or sweat. On the other hand, cotton will absorb up to 2700% of its weight. This is why when your cotton t-shirt soaks in sweat you feel damp and can’t get comfortably warmth no matter how many other layers of clothes you have on top. Other disadvantages of cotton compared to poly fibers are:

•    Can’t regulate body temperature. Cotton materials trap your body heat in the fabric and not your body. Also, since it soaks up water like a sponge, your skin can’t be dry. Since thermal conductivity is higher in water than air, your body losses heat rapidly because of the cotton fabric soaking up your sweat. Poly fibers can keep your skin dry hence you keep your body temperature controlled during the cold season which is the goal.

•    Its tendency to absorb moisture makes it cumbersome and heavy which means it takes more time to dry. Polyester fibers don’t have the same problem because their absorbency is very minimal.

More benefits of wicking enabled apparel for your thermal underclothes

•    Designed to fit like a second skin. This helps regulate your body temperature and boost comfort.

•    Provide more than just warmth. These clothes are made of stretchable material also that allows for mobility when carrying out your day-to-day activities.

•    Have a range of styles to fit your style. You can get a thermal set or choose a thermal bottom separately from the thermal top.

•    Layering is made possible for this material since the ability to wick away moisture means it's lightweight. You can, therefore, add more layers on top to improve the insulation of your body heat.

•    Help you save energy because you don’t need to crank up the thermostat every time it gets a little chilly. Instead, putting a thermal base layer helps you keep warm.

•    Durable and doesn’t stretch out after one wash.

Although many brands claim to meet the standards of the best thermal underclothes, it’s not necessarily the case. You must check that the fabric isn’t cotton and can give you the benefits discussed for thermals. Bodtek brand of thermal underwear is your best bet for effective and affordable wicking apparel. Our designs won’t set you back several hundred bucks but still perform best when it comes to keeping you cozy during the cold season.