Enjoy Camping and Hiking with the Right Thermals

Enjoy Camping and Hiking with the Right Thermals

Enjoy Camping and Hiking with the Right Thermals

Whether you will be hitting the slopes, hiking, camping, or traveling in cold conditions, you want to make sure that you have the right clothing to keep you warm, comfortable, dry, and at ease. You don’t want your camping and hiking experience to be miserable because of the cold. Wearing layers can allow you to stay warm and comfortable. Thermals make an ideal base layer of clothing when camping and hiking. The reason you want to have thermal clothing whether leggings, bottoms, or thermal sets is that your body will remain warm when it’s extremely cold out there. The clothing will draw away or remove moisture from the skin ensuring that the cold will not make you start freezing or feel cold.  

Why wear thermals as your base layer
Thermal garments help you combat cold while allowing the body to be comfortable. When hiking, your body will release heat, but the problem is when it’s cold or windy out there – it can cause your core body temperature to dip quickly, sometimes to dangerous levels. Hypothermia presents a serious risk to individuals in cold conditions. So you want to ensure you prevent the body temperature from dropping to serious levels. A base layer of a garment made of a blend of polyester fabric and spandex offers you the warmth you need when hiking and camping in the cold.

Thermals absorb and wick away moisture
Thermal garments can absorb the moisture released in form of sweat when hiking. These garments wick away the sweat or moisture from your skin before it causes your body temperature to dip. The moisture moves to through the next layers of clothes before it evaporates. What this means is that thermals stop the body heat from escaping through your sweat. This keeps you protected from the cold so you will stay warm.

Thermals are designed to ensure comfort
When hiking and camping, you want to be in clothes that not only allow you to keep warm but are comfortable to wear. You will be indulging in activities that make the body release sweat. You want thermal clothes that allow breathability so that you reduce body odor – and polyester material does pretty good in ensuring fabric breathability.

A thermal garment with flat seam construction and stable waistband helps eliminate chafing while allowing comfort with reduced bulky seams. Thermal clothing made of warm and form-fitting material like a mixture of polyester and spandex allows breathability. This helps reduce body odor and ensure you are comfortable.

Thermals are lightweight
If you’re going hiking, you want clothes that won’t make you get tired quickly. Wearing heavy clothing can make walking a difficult thing, but with thermals made of polyester, they are lightweight allowing you to enjoy every step, up and down the hills. Besides, thermals ensure that you don’t have to pack a heap of clothes in your backpack, so you reduce the weight of the bag.

Looking for thermal wear for hiking and camping? Bodtek offers you quality thermals for the ultimate adventure experience. You will enjoy your hiking and camping experience in these clothes. In addition, you can wear the thermals several times before you wash them, making it convenient for you if you are in an area where you cannot easily access water. Bodtek’s thermal clothes feel like a second skin on your body and allow stretching and flexibility. You are able to move your body easily in these clothes.