Dog Walking In The Winter

Dog Walking In The Winter

Dog Walking In The Winter

Your canine friend needs daily walks to keep active, healthy, and less stressed. A dog walk also provides an opportunity for you to nurture your bond and friendship with the canine friend. Dog walking also helps you exercise your body. So both you and your puppy benefit from the walk. However, during winter, it can be extremely cold for you and the dog out there. Before you hit the road with your canine friend, make sure you dress appropriately. This is where thermal wear by Bodtek comes in handy. Wearing long johns or thermal paths and leggings or shirts gives you warmth. Also, dress your canine friend for the weather.

Going for a walk in the evening after a stressful day gives you time to drain away stress. It allows you to have some peace of mind. It helps you to think and evaluate your ideas.

Use these tips to help you and your dog beat the cold while dog walking

Keep your Dog Warm
It is safer for you to protect your dog from the cold because it might get sick.  It is often hard to know the temperature of any animal. Even during walks, your dog can be very uncomfortable because of the cold. For you to know if your dog is feeling cold, whether it has a lot of fur or less, you should feel their ears, limbs, and feet. It is because these parts of an animal are not easy to keep warm. If your dog feels cold, consider putting clothes on her or shoes to cover their body and protect them from the cold.

Get Winter Boots for Your Puppy
Yes, dogs need to wear boots when it’s cold. The boots protect them from harsh weather such as ice and snow, which can easily dry out paws, making your dog chill faster. Besides, winter dog boots help protect her sensitive foot pads from chemicals and salts that are spread on the street to remove ice.

Shorten the Walk
Talking about a walk in the cold is a challenging process. But when the dog needs a walk, you can shorten the walk and let the dog walk for shorter distances than usual. Watch out for clues that signal that your canine friend is getting chilly so that you can cut short the walk and call it a day.

Clip the dog’s toe hair
The hair on the dog’s toe can carry some ice when the dog walks on it. This ice can accumulate in the hair and, within no time, have effects on the dog. It can cause it to feel pain when walking or temporary lameness.

Dress Warmly
You need to dress in clothes that provide warmth. You don’t want to get back from the walk only to experience hypothermia. Exposing yourself to severe cold weather can have a serious health impact. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer in cold. Getting yourself thermal wear gives you the warmth you need. Bodtek thermals made of polyester blend fabric keep you toasty. The fabric is lightweight, meaning that it gives you the flexibility to walk freely. Better still, you can layer up your clothes with the thermals forming the base layer.

Bodtek stores offer quality thermal wear for men and women made of polyester, a material that keeps your body warm at all times. Get yourself thermal wear from Bodtek that you put on when walking your dog.