Cold Weather Outfit Ideas for the Workers

Cold Weather Outfit Ideas for the Workers

Cold Weather Outfit Ideas for the Workers

How you dress this winter may determine whether or not you get to see the next snowfall. Yap, it’s quite serious so it’s essential to have an arsenal of the correct info to see the other side. Workers don’t always get to have the option of taking vacation days. Therefore, if you are working during this winter, you must get yourself thermal underwear. Thermal underwear is perfect for all workers.

Which outfit works for you in the colder months?
It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Thermal underwear is a MUST to survive working in the cold. For example, a nurse will need the thermal set under his or her scrubs, a truck driver needs thermal leggings and top as his base layer, and so on. Thermal underwear is perfect because it keeps you warm without interfering with your movement or comfort. Designed to fit you snugly, no heat escapes from your body because the garment is in direct contact with your skin. Layering with other clothes is easy if your base layer is not bulky and restrictive so when you get a thermal set, choose a brand that has lightweight designs.

Other clothing items to keep you safe
The trick is keeping only a little part of your body as exposed to the harsh weather as possible. For instance;

•    Your ears can get pretty uncomfortable when exposed to biting cold. A hat will solve that problem.
•    Put mittens on your hands to cover your fingers. Some workers like those working in an oil rig might find mittens impractical. Gloves are also convenient for such workers to reduce contact of metal surfaces with skin on your palm. Metal surfaces take away heat from your body when you put any part of your body on them. It’s, therefore, prudent to reduce your skin contact with any metal surface.
•    Wear woolen socks before putting on your snow boots and of course, add snow boots to complete your winter outfit gear.

•    The outside as much as possible. If you work outside, your boss must schedule breaks to get away from the frigid cold.
•    Alcohol causes dehydration and there is no other time you need to keep hydrated like in the cold season. Instead, carry with you a thermos of warm water or warm beverages to take in between breaks.
•    Being alone. Although you may have to work solo like for the truck driver, you need to remain in contact with colleagues at work to avoid exhaustion and combat fatigue. The buddy system at work is necessary to maintain to have constant feedback on your concerns.

Other do’s
1.    Carry extra thermal underwear set in your backpack or handbag.
2.    Keep abreast with news about cold stress symptoms or calamities some freak winters bring along.
3.    Understand your environment as much as you can to help adapt when considering a move during winter. For example, if you are moving to Arkansas from say Florida, you need to understand how bad winter gets in Arkansas before taking the plunge.

Every individual reacts to stimuli differently. What outfit you choose to wear working in the winter’s crisp air prevents you from getting cold-related injuries. Bodtek stocks thermal underwear for both men and women in all sizes. Look us up and complete your winter gear with our lightweight designs for thermals.