Best Tips for Working Safe in Cold Weather

Best Tips for Working Safe in Cold Weather

Best Tips for Working Safe in Cold Weather

Winter has arrived, the ground is layered with a beautiful coat of fresh snow, but it’s another difficult moment for the working individual. Everyone has to shift their dressing style while ensuring that they still keep in fashion and wear their usual work clothes. Working during cold weather can present health problems. When you expose your body to extreme cold, you could soon be dealing with health issues like hypothermia. You may even experience frostbites on your skin. Thermals prove to be essential wardrobe clothing items during winter. If you want to stay safe while working in the cold, you need to check what you dress – from the foot to the body to the neck and the head.

The Body
Whether you work as a construction worker, postal worker, DHL worker, a guard, or another kind of worker, thermals come in handy when you want to keep warm. Instead of layering up in some funny jackets, hoodies, jeans, and other clothing, you can have a Bodtek thermal underwear set, which you can layer up with your usual work clothes. Thermal Long Johns or leggings and shirts are also a good choice.

Bodtek thermals fit snugly on the skin, they feel like a second skin on your body. When in these clothes, it’s difficult for other people to notice that you are in thermals. Since they are underneath your regular work clothes, you will remain warm as you go about your work activities while not feeling heavily loaded on garments. They are lightweight and feature ultra-soft fabric. The thermals are made with comfort in mind. Since they are flexible, they allow a sufficient range of motion. People who make a lot of body movements like postal workers and construction workers find thermals so comfortable to wear.

The Extremities
One of the areas that people tend to neglect are extremities including the feet and fingers. While you will protect your body from the extreme cold with thermals, often, the extremities will remain uncovered. You, therefore, need to have the right boots that enhance warmth. You can wear heat-insulating gloves for the hands and help keep your body toasty.

What about the Head and Neck?
Your neck and head will be exposed to cold weather even when on a thermal underwear set. Hence, you need to protect them too. Some workers have that special gear they can wear while working, for example, caps and helmets. For others, they need to seek ways to keep their heads covered. Buying a woolen hat can help you keep warm during the cold.

Scarves and wool buffs make an ideal choice when you want to protect your neck. Scarves offer sufficient warmth if you wear them correctly. However, if you are in attire that a scarf doesn’t fit, you can go with wool buffs. You can wear your buff around the neck, on your head where it serves as a cap, or you can wrap it around the neck where you pull it up to cover the ears and nose.

Now that you know what to wear to keep warm while working during the cold, why not grab yourself a thermal underwear set or thermal long john and thermal shirt from Bodtek.