Best Thermal Fabric for Cold Weather

Best Thermal Fabric for Cold Weather

Best Thermal Fabric for Cold Weather

Thermals are designed from different materials including polyester, spandex, nylon, and Lycra. You may also get thermals made of wool and cotton. The kind of material used to make thermal wear will determine the level of warmth, comfort, and lightness they offer. Some materials may offer warmth but they feel bulky on your body for instance, cotton and wool. A fabric that features a combo of polyester and spandex makes an ideal choice for thermals because it brings the warmth an individual needs while not creating the feeling of bulkiness. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and spandex tend to be some of the best when it comes to shielding you from cold weather. These two fabrics make the material for Bodtek thermals.  

Poly-spandex is great in wicking moisture
The last thing you want to experience in cold weather is to wear clothing that absorbs and traps moisture in the fabric. This not only makes you uncomfortable, but you are also going to starting getting cold. Poly-spandex takes away moisture from the skin and draws it to the outer surface allowing it to dry fast. The material features fast-drying action meaning that it will dispel or release the sweat or moisture fast. This way, you will keep dry and warm during those cold days.

Often, water is considered a good conductor of heat – as moisture escapes the skin - it takes heat away meaning that your body temperature will drop. You will get cold as the moisture evaporates. However, since polyester-spandex material retains heat and wicks the moisture away, it ensures the skin remains dry and your body keeps toasty.

Poly-spandex retains heat
When it comes to thermal fabrics, a combination of synthetics like polyester and spandex makes a great option. It traps heat within the fabrics allowing your body to keep snug. While natural fabrics like cotton and wool may keep you warm, they may not be able to retain heat to the same levels as synthetics.

Poly-spandex has a good stretch
Thermals need to be able to contour evenly to the individual’s skin. They need to be stretchy and conform to the skin. Polyester-spandex fabric comes with a technology known as 4-Way Stretch that allows it to elongate different directions. The stretch gives you a tight fit without being uncomfortable. Wearing the thermals makes you feel like you have an additional layer of skin on your body.  You will enjoy flexibility and ease of movement without being restricted to move your body parts like the arms and legs.

Poly-spandex is very lightweight
A lightweight fabric like Bodtek’s polyester spandex material offers you freedom in movement. You won’t have the discomfort you may get from heavy clothing materials. You can undertake your day’s activities without problems whether you want to jog, run, hit the gym, go ice skiing, camp, or hike and trek. If you’re at home, you will enjoy your indoor as you remain warm throughout.  The lightweight nature of the fabric also makes it easy for you to go backpacking. You won’t need to suffer a heavy load of your backpack.

Wondering what thermal fabric to choose? Consider Bodtek’s polyester-spandex combination. It comes with lots of features that will bring you great warmth while ensuring comfort. Pick Bodtek’s leggings, tops, pants, and underwear sets for a perfect warmth in cold weather.